Some people have a good experience with a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) approach to selling their own home but many do not. In fact, for most people, the risks far outweigh potential benefits. Here are some reasons why it’s a better idea to use a REALTOR®.

  • The agency relationship provides a legal framework to ensure money and land title is exchanged in a professional environment.
  • Liability is entirely on the seller without a strong, defensive contract. Unless you’re a lawyer or notary, it’s best to allow a professional to handle the legal documents and due diligence
  • For sale by owner properties tend to sell for less and sometimes much less. Hiring a REALTOR® ensures that you’re maximizing the value in your home.
  • The buyer may bring a REALTOR® to the negotiations leaving FSBO sellers at a clear disadvantage
  • Home inspections can introduce legal issues beyond the negotiation capabilities of a layperson